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manwe_sulimo's Journal

Manwë Súlimo: High King of Arda
'The greatest of the Valar, the King of Arda. Manwe Sulimo is the Lord of the Air, and with his wife, Varda, Queen of the Heavens, rules all of Arda from their mansions of Ilmarin on top of Taniquetil, the tallest mountain in the world. Manwe, meaning 'the Good', is also referred to as the Wind Lord, for his element is the clear air, wind, clouds and storms. Eagles and all birds are sacred to him. Manwe sees all the world beneath the skies and he is the breath of all the peoples in the world. The Vanyar Elves are dearest to his heart for their greatest skill is in narcotics poetry which is his chief delight.'

Irmo and Melkie aren't that bad, I guess. They are kind of nice.

I don't do drugs anymore.