Aww, poor losers

I am sorry loser people. But you get really nifty party favors :D

Anyway, it was really hard to choose just one. So, I chose alot:

Irmo: Yeah, you're a Valar but still. You can be my Maia bitch or something. That was a really great application XD

Glorfindel: My Dad, you poor, poor creature. Plus, your quest was really vital to the world.

Elrond Part Deux: It's all about the ass.

Timulty: Because you scared me.

Goldberry: Because these people really, really need therapy. And if that doesn't work, a hurricane to be rid of them all.

So, there you are little lovelies. Frolic and be happy. I'm going to take a nap now. I'm still recovering from cave troll crisis.

Edit: In reading through everyone's applications, I've become aware that Goldberry is the only person in Middle-earth that truly knows sentence structure.
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I love you all

but at rare moments, such as these, I think you all need to be killed.

Maia result thingies coming soon. I had an issue with cave trolls. Don't play Scrabble with them, they are sore losers.

Attention, attention! Or not. Whatever.

Um, ok.

I would like to say I have not been completely shitfaced and watching Zoolander for the entire length of my absence. Nor have I been dumped in truckloads of oranges since the last time. Anyway, I decided I'd make some kind of fabulous comeback. A little singing and dancing, a bunch of elephants, but that would require effort.

So, I decided one can not have too many Maias.

For you pathetic bastards who may die, this will probably interest you. Fill out the following application, answer all questions honestly and kiss my ass as much as possible. Deadline is, uh, Sunday because I'm impatient.

Part A: The most important questions. Spell everything correctly.
What Is Your Name?:
What Is Your Quest?
What Is Your Favorite Color?

Part B: Useless Things I'd Like To Hear Your Useless Opinions On.
I miss Varda's voluptuous breasts, how about you?:
Should Irmo take his hand off my ass? Please explain.:
Have any idea how I got into a truckload of oranges?:
What pair of Namo's glasses are your favorite?:
What is your reason for wanting to be a power hungry greedy bastard with immortality?:
I think people should keep out of my stash, don't you?:

Part C: I give you a word. You tell me what you think of.
leopard print:
screwing horses:
everyone will suffer:

Part D: Congratulations, you have now sufficiently disgusted me. However, this is your final moment to redeem yourself. Answer with at least 5 sentences.

What do you think about me?:
If Glorfie Stardust walked into a room and played guitar, what would you do?:
What if Celeborn killed you for the above scenario?:
Describe Namo:
Tell me a story:

Thank you :D
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So what's a High King of Arda to do when he's been stripped of his powers by his father oh a whim, mmm?

A day out in London! Of course I had to check out Roland Mouret's Spring 2003 Ready-to-wear collection, and I was most lucky to have company this time. Who else but dear old Cara! I had promised her a sweet treat of genoise afterwards, of course, and how could she resist!

I had bought her this little outfit:

And of course an outfit is never complete without a makeover and what else is a better excuse to have her try out Stila's new fall collection of cosmetics! The bronze summer look is so last season, and this season ushered in the smoldering gypsy and bohemian look with the olive greens and the smoky brown hues and the burgundy... most perfect for Cara, I believe. This season is ours.

I also picked up this little piece for my darling wife. I do hope that she'll like it. Hmmmm...:

And oh, is there so much to look foward to! The Luella and Marc Jacobs show are both on the eighteenth in New York, and there I will take Miss Cara again, if she permits me to. I mean, a fashion show is never complete without somebody sitting beside you with a feedback of nervous giggles and expressed outrage and compressed awe over collections of clothing. It is a shame that she was not present when I attended the Yves St. Laurent show. I was too blind blinking back tears. Yves St. Laurent. Retiring?! It broke my heart.

It makes me misty-eyed just thinking about it.

Oh sigh...

But it has been taken over by Gucci, I believe? Only good can come from this. Always look to the future, my darlings, because it may bring great things.

I must go! My crème brûlée is waiting to be cracked with my silver spoon. Smooches to all!

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Oh sorry darlings, I've been rather distracted by the Style Network for the past 11 days - so many shiny individuals pampered by the staff of Allure magazine in the happenin' cities of Milan, London, Paris..........

I don't even know if there IS a moon maia anymore.

But uh, Eonwe, if you want to do something about it, go ahead.

But for now, I'll be sipping my ketamine and barley cocktail while I mourn over the fact that Yves St Laurent is retiring.
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